Where is a Crypto Miner to go?

As Cryptocurrency evolves, the crypto mining industry continues to expand. The numbers of large enterprise miners right down to the individual miner are growing and pushing the need for more mining infrastructure. And of course, it is not just crypto miners who are in search of low-cost computing power. The cloud, gaming, AI, e-commerce, social media, all drive the need for bigger and more efficient low-cost server farms across the globe.

The spectrum of machine demand is vast from the massive computing corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Apple to all industry and governments, to small business and individuals. Scale enables capabilities in terms of available capital and expertise.

Business models and lowering market entry have allowed for many small businesses and individuals to participate in blockchain endeavours such as mining cryptocurrencies. There is money to be made! Crypto mining competition is increasing with more entries into the market and machine performance advancing. Revenue is all about how fast and how much data can be crunched. Net revenue is about uptime and decreasing operational costs. Obtaining more revenue means more machines and more space…

The demand for appropriate mining or computing space is driving the colocation and hosting industry. In order to maximize dollars earned in the virtual realm, it does matter very much where the physical computing power is located. To keep costs down, cooler climates are sought to minimize the cost of keeping miners operating at their most efficient temperatures. Also touching on cost and uptime is a secure, reliable, low-cost source of electricity. Sounds simple initially but when the numbers are applied, the huge quantity of power and physical space along with secure reliable power, and bandwidth, all makes for finding a practical fit very challenging on a larger scale.

Keeping things simpler for the miners is what hosts are doing. Spaces and scales with existing infrastructure are being built out to save costs and pass along savings to their customers. So where are miners going?

Miners are seeking hosts that will maximize their bottom line. They look at all costs, services, and lease plan terms. Savvy miners understand the cost of setup and downtime, so want to find a great host and stay for a while. They look at jurisdictions and consider their timing, regulations, and how welcoming a region may (or may not) be political. Canada meets a lot of these criteria.

Knowing savvy miners and what really matters to their clients’ bottom line, CrytpoHost has decided to invest in Manitoba. The province has an abundance of reliable clean hydro-electric power. Manitoba’s hydro generation and stable grid keep mining uptime to a maximum. The province’s cool climate (average temps are summer18C and winter is -18C) with short summers keeps cooling costs low. Low cooling costs coupled with the low-cost hydropower allows CrytpoHost to pass along significant savings to mining clients. Manitoba is welcoming the opportunity to support the hosting industry in a practically meaningful way. The province has engaged all stakeholders in an effort to create a sustainable industry and has been watching other regions’ issues to learn. Manitoba is striving to produce a predictable environment for all stakeholders. Manitoba understands that it has a lot to offer the crypto mining industry. CrptoHost Canada and Manitoba are working together to create a profitable long-term hosting industry in Canada’s “Friendly” province.