At the Speed of Hash!

What do the Hash terms mean, really?

Blockchain and Bitcoin are not very old, but the increase in processing speed is incredible. CPU’s only a couple of years ago could hash at 1,000,000 hashes/sec.

ASIC speeds are now in the PetaHash range, about a billion times faster.

Here is the terminology, defined:K equals a thousand (units)M equals a million, which is a thousand times  thousandG (Giga) equals a thousand times of the M. (a Billion)T (Tera) equals a thousand times of the G (a Thousand Billion)P (Peta) equals 1000T, (so 1 Million Billion Hashes/sec)For the exact number, 1 Peta = 1,000,000,000,000,000 units.

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